About Knightsbridge Overland

Knightsbridge Overland is an online retail store that offers hand-crafted, custom fit seat covers designed specifically for Land Rovers – all made in the USA. Designed, cut and sewn in our workshop located in Phoenix, Arizona, we're one of the only remaining manufacturers of seat covers designed specifically for Land Rover Series, Defenders, Range Rover Classics, Discovery I, Discovery II, LR3 and LR4 vehicles. 

Knightsbridge Overland's founder is John Edelmann, a Land Rover enthusiast and avid overlander and outdoorsman. John is an active member of the Arizona Land Rover Owners (AZLRO) Club as well as one of the founding members of Roverlanding Expedition, a small overlanding team that explores far away and intriguing places via Land Rovers. Owning a Land Rover 110 Dormobile, Range Rover Sport and Discovery I, he and his team have the opportunity to constantly innovate, test and refine Knightsbridge products as they overland and offroad throughout the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. 

Married to interior designer Julia Buckingham, they have 3 children, Caroline, Alexander and Madeline. John is also an enthusiastic outdoorsman, snowmobiler, mountain biker and hiker. 

Reasons to outfit your Land Rover with Knightsbridge Overland gear:

  • Protect the interior of your Land Rover from the elements and drive in comfort.
  • All seat covers are are water, oil and dust repellent and designed and crafted in the USA.
  • We're one of the only remaining manufacturers of seat covers designed for specifically for Series, Defenders, Range Rover Classics, and Discovery1 vehicles.
  • We field test and prototype our own products by overlanding and off-roading with them on our own vehicles.
  • All products have a 365-day warranty on construction and materials. If you ever have an issue, we will do our best to resolve the issue to your complete satisfaction.

Maintaining your Seat Covers:

  • While your Seat Covers are dirt and mud resistant, occasionally they will need to be cleaned. The fabric manufacturer recommends the fabric be dry cleaned. Knightsbridge Overland strongly endorses dry cleaning your Seat Covers, as well.
  • However, many customers have told us that they have spot cleaned their Seat Covers using a mild soap and water and light use of a scrub brush. Also, some customers have mentioned that they have successfully washed their Seat Covers in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. It was suggested to fasten all Velcro to avoid snagging and pulling of the fabric. Always air dry - never use the dryer.

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